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Updated: Aug 25, 2019


What a better place to open this section where I’ll talk about places that I like !

I’ve been obsessed with Montauk for a few years now. It has always been on my bucket list but never got the chance to go and visit it… until last weekend !!!!

This little town has a little « je ne sais quoi » I’ve always been attracted to… likely due to the idea of  the mix between the fancy destination and the wild nature that you can find there ?

And finally Montauk didn’t disappoint me (which is not always the case with places you want to visit for a long time)… I have been amazed by the different landscapes you can find there : the ocean with its strong waves perfect for the surf, the cliffs above the beaches where you can go and walk in the middle of bushes,  the unexpected pond where you can sail and,of course,  all the little restaurants, where you can get oysters and lobster rolls all year long.

This is the perfect place to reconnect to yourself and live completely aligned with the rhythm of the ocean and the nature !

Hope you’ll be able to go there once and will like it as much as I did!!

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